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first of all i must apologize to doni. i have kicked him even if he did not deserve it. i have read something which made me go highwire, after some detailed inspection, the post (where no name was mentioned) was meant for drop, but i understood it was about doni. that is why i made a huge mistake and therefore i want to apologize again to doni and i hope that he is accepting my apology and the mistake i have made. 
he is not kicked from the clan at all and he has been granted all rights he had before.
sry friend :(
als aller erstes muss ich mich bei doni entschuldigen. ich habe ihn aus dem clan geschmissen obwohl er es nicht verdient hat. ich habe etwas gelesen und darauf hin ist mir ne schaltung im kopf durchgebrannt. nach einer sorgfaltigen untersuchung des posts der mich dazu getrieben hat (und wo keine namen gena ... Read more »
Category: Clan news | Views: 556 | Added by: Alucard | Date: 2012-03-30 | Comments (1)


The time has unfortunately come to say goodbye to Bärcheneffekt. She is also the founder of EVIL and here from the very first beginning. It is very sad for me to write this because she is a person you simply have to like. Anyway, real life is more important than a game, so she has made the decision since she has become very inactive. I could wirte thousand sentences about her now but i want to spare your eyes from tears :) 
EVIL wishes you all the best in your life, your career and everything you may stumble upon. We will never forget you <3
Leider ist auchd ie Zeit gekommen sich von Bärcheneffekt zu verabschieden. Sie ist auch eine Gründerin von EVIL und ist dabei seit dem Anfang. Es fällt mir schwer dies zu schreiben weil sie eine Person ist die man einfach gern haben muss. Wie auch immer, das echte Leben ist viel wichtiger als das ... Read more »
Category: Clan news | Views: 683 | Added by: Alucard | Date: 2012-03-30 | Comments (5)


I will state why they've got kicked, one by one:

Drop - he is active, but not because of his inactivity. he is a skilled player but with a lack of interest in the clan. hanging out with his insta friends (nothing against that) and denying to play with us some funwars, almost all the time. he is maybe active in the forum, but he is lacking in motivation to hang out with us. few weeks after his joining he was thinking of creating a funclan with a friend (multiclaning is against the rules, just to mention) which really was disturbing and shows, how he respects our clan and is interested in it. on top of that, the insults and flame he initiated on his team mates because they've made a small mistake. once is ok, but doing that constantly (i witnessed that) is way of the toleration limit. with his behavior he is influencing the clan harmony in a negative way. those are the reasons why he is being banned out ... Read more »
Category: Clan news | Views: 563 | Added by: Alucard | Date: 2012-03-30 | Comments (3)

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