10:09 PM
hi can i go in the clan plise
6:22 PM
My name is in teeworlds Kostas.*!
6:14 PM
Hi all😂
5:09 PM
hi everone
2:39 PM
hi pomohaci1977 aka pomohacivasile. hope you enyoy your stay in the shoutbox.
2:38 PM
saro: registrate here and write an application: http://eviltwc.freeforums.org/index.php
3:15 PM
hi im pomohaci1977
6:48 PM
How do I apply for membership
11:31 PM
just to track the situation atm, view link below
11:31 PM
10:18 AM
hey biggrin
7:30 PM
alu should remember me!
7:30 PM
i would like to come int the evil server just to view your cool skills xD can you tell me the pw?
7:29 PM
do you remember me? biggrin
7:28 PM
7:27 PM
hi everyone
4:02 PM
11:41 PM
hello? XD
6:26 PM
applications go through the forum. please click on the forum item in the menu to the left
11:38 AM
Hi! hl037 invited me to join the clan. how can I pass the exam. Write on Skype sapata-sho
5:46 PM
czesc, jestem wlochem, ja mowie po polsku
7:35 PM
can i join iam a aim in vanilla
4:31 PM
pm in evil forum*
4:31 PM
write pm in forum or go to clanzone directly surprised
3:43 PM
Hey Alu where you hosted clan server i need to tongue
12:46 PM
12:31 PM
is das Forum offline ??
6:59 PM
hey:) i'm new in vanilla
7:47 AM
willkommen daheim ^^
10:20 AM
Na Alucard hast mich vermisst? Bin wieder zurück nach dem aus Agent nichts wurde . ^^
1:18 PM
Alucard u are online?
2:28 AM
yup, you are smile
9:01 AM
Someone want in dm server play with me?
12:18 PM
I am first lituhanian man who want join in your clan?:D
10:42 AM
okay smile
11:34 PM
sorry but no, you have to register in the forum and write an application. then the clan will decide smile
3:11 PM
Hey guys im registered here now i am this clan member?
8:41 PM
this link works smile
8:41 PM
8:41 PM
check and mate! hater gona hate
8:41 PM
and this is me:
8:41 PM
1:28 PM
WTF, better than Ailton?!?!? never ever... u have to prove that first!
9:50 AM
oh you don´t want to hear me sing. but i can do the samba... better than ailton aka cannonball
8:48 AM
anyway he's a good entertainer, so maybe try to sing instead?
8:48 AM
look at elton john, nobody wants to see him naked
8:47 AM
you don't have to strip to be a good entertainer
11:20 AM
or you still don´t want to believe that :P
11:20 AM
my stripper days are over, i got married, you forgot that i suppose
0:13 AM
it's just cuz of your bad entertainment ._.