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Bad news for all the bad guys out there! The one and only POLICE clan is resurrected and ready to kick some ass again! They are back and will patrol the streets in our tee neighbourhood again. Justice will be served!

Category: Teeworld news | Views: 1591 | Added by: devil | Date: 2011-12-08 | Comments (0)

Anthem has left the Teeworlds Scene. It was the strongest clan of the last months, but they had a bad organisation and a lot of inactive members. So they decided to close it.
Category: Teeworld news | Views: 608 | Added by: devil | Date: 2011-12-08 | Comments (2)


Teeworlds Vanilla needs new clans and lots of it, otherwise the ctf section (except gv and xyz ctf 5 serv) will be history as soon as possible.

Someone has surely some gameservers to spare for some newby clans. That would be a great motivation for those new guys who want to break through. There are also too many mods (nothing against race and insta for sure) creating a hole in the origin of teeworlds, forcing old clans to collapse due to the lack of fresh players. Qi, iB, Boss, DeJu, enS, Phönix... all gone...

It's time to take some measures and to help the ctf scene stay alive! All of you with more influence in this game should see what there could be done, especially with game servers (vanilla of course).

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Category: Teeworld news | Views: 600 | Added by: devil | Date: 2011-11-29 | Comments (0)

Category: Teeworld news | Views: 648 | Added by: devil | Date: 2011-11-27 | Comments (1)

1 month ago the EVIL-Clan has founded a new clan with the name .OtH' (Off the Hook). It's a project to integrate german newcomers into the Vanilla Scene. We manage their clan and arrange personal trainings for them. If you are interested to join this clan, you can write an application for it on the following page: http://oth.1x.de

Let's keep the Vanilla Scene alive!
Category: Teeworld news | Views: 1422 | Added by: devil | Date: 2011-11-27 | Comments (0)

Vinc, DragonForce and Reazer reopened godlike6 for a 2nd time. they still play ctf and they are looking for some pro-skilled players. We hope the clan will exist longer than the last time. So good luck for your project!

Category: Teeworld news | Views: 475 | Added by: devil | Date: 2011-11-27 | Comments (0)


Sad news for the Teeworlds community. One of the most skilled clans ever, Qi, is down. It´s sad to loose such a great clan, now that the vanilla scene is kind of dead already. After all, this clan will surely remain a legend in the scene. Good luck to the ex-members of Qi, hopefully we will see some of them still in game :)
Traurige Neuigkeiten für die Teeworlds Com. Einer der talentiertesten Clans, Qi, ist zerbrochen. Es ist schade so einen Clan zu verlieren, vor allem da die vanilla Szene sowieso fast tot ist. Aber dieser Clan wird sicherlich als Legende weiter in Erinerung bleiben. Viel Glück wünschen wir den ex Mitglieder von Qi, hoffentlich sehen wir sie noch ab und zu im Spiel :)
Genaue story oben anklicken
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Category: Teeworld news | Views: 775 | Added by: Alucard | Date: 2011-10-22 | Comments (2)

Player News:

EVIL kicked dizzElite

Bsn left Dead Head
Mini aka Anthrax joined Dead Head
Sullivan left Dead Head

Freakno1 joined Nope
Snuff joined Nope
Bsn joined Nope
Baby joined Nope

Shrek left Z-Team
Beast left Z-Team
Matodor joined Z-Team

Ka kicked Stoner

Puch joined and left =Eagle=

Puch aka Oreo joined Wrap's
Category: Teeworld news | Views: 609 | Added by: devil | Date: 2011-09-18 | Comments (3)


The Phöni×» Teeworlds Squad has been closed because of inactivity. But they are still active on other games. Maybe they will come back one day "from the ashes", because "legends never die" ;)

Good luck to all Phöni×» Members. The Scene will missing you.
Category: Teeworld news | Views: 573 | Added by: devil | Date: 2011-09-07 | Comments (0)

vitisoP, hus and StyLe has found a new teeworlds team with the name Nope! It's an international CTF Vanilla Clan that is searching for some skilled players. For more information visit them on their homepage: http://nope.xooit.com
Category: Teeworld news | Views: 797 | Added by: devil | Date: 2011-08-28 | Comments (0)

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