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Dear EVIL community,

I'm very happy to announce another Italian member made it to the EVIL side of Teeworlds. Let's make a warm welcome for Stif, who proved himself worthy being a part of our family. So welcome to you Stif.


EVIL team.

Category: Clan news | Views: 544 | Added by: TAN | Date: 2014-06-15 | Comments (0)


We have a new member, well, he is already a week here but the news team lost the only keyboard we had and therefore the news have not been written properly. All donations will be accepted for the poor fellas :D

Let´s give a warm hand for a newest member, Rick. An eager little fellow who has shown activity from the first day of his application in our forum and therefore it was a piece of cake for him to manage that period. We wish him good luck and a lot of fun in EVIL.



Category: Clan news | Views: 514 | Added by: Alucard | Date: 2014-06-12 | Comments (0)


We are kinda late, but we were hoping that we would have do add more medals. Here are the results of the past activity:

Membership - DED (silver)
Clanwars - Hunter69, Rash (bronze)
Posts - Hunter69 (bronze)

That´s it for now :)

Category: Clan news | Views: 490 | Added by: Alucard | Date: 2014-06-10 | Comments (0)

Hello everyone,

About now, 5 years ago, Bärcheneffekt, Stompy and me, with a little help of Spidertee, began this good thing called EVIL. Which was actually just a fun clan since we played ctf5 a lot. But then it began to grow bigger and bigger, growing stronger, more stable into a real clan with everything needed, especially good members. It is kind of ironic that we are looking for people with a nice character but we are called EVIL, isn´t it? Anyway, the clan had it´s ups and downs, which is normal for such a long period of existence, but especially the last downfall maybe few months ago could have been the end. But here we are! Here we stand, together! With the help of our most loyal members and friends, we´ve cracked the 5 year line! :D

Thank You all for making this clan so awesome <3



Category: Clan news | Views: 512 | Added by: Alucard | Date: 2014-05-21 | Comments (2)



there are good news and bad news to announce this time. A new member joined the EVIL clan, his name is PeaNut. It took a lot of time to find a decision, but finally he could convince us to take him. Hope you'll play a lot of clanwars and wish you a nice time here.

So let's come to the bad news. Sadly another member left the clan. CuBe wants to leave the vanilla scene to be more active in other mods now. Have fun dude, the clan will miss you.

EVIL support team

Category: Clan news | Views: 559 | Added by: devil | Date: 2014-04-16 | Comments (0)


Here are the medals for March 2014:

- cin - gold
- wipper - silver
- regate - bronze

That´s it for now :)


Category: Clan news | Views: 505 | Added by: Alucard | Date: 2014-04-02 | Comments (0)

At first the bad news: After a long time of inactivity we decided to kick ToXiX out of EVIL. We thank him for all he did for us and OtH. Until last we hoped to hear some sign of life from him, but nothing happened and so we are now forced to kick him. Of course he'll be welcome again if he decides to come back to Teeworlds but for now our ways divide.

The second and more pleasant thing to announce is that EVIL gets increase. I'm talking about the two Rs Ranchi and Rash, who both passed the acception process in record time. Hopefully you'll stay with us for a long long time. Congratulations to you guys.


EVIL team

Category: Clan news | Views: 510 | Added by: TAN | Date: 2014-03-28 | Comments (2)

Good news: We welcome another new player among EVIL. Well, to be honest he's not new anymore, at least not to us. He joined us in summer 2013 for the first time. Back then he wasn't sure that EVIL is the right clan for him. Let's hope it fits better this time. Congratz Hunter.

EVIL team
Category: Clan news | Views: 414 | Added by: TAN | Date: 2014-03-18 | Comments (0)


As you can already conclude from the subject title, we are closing the EsT wing for 2 reasons. The first one is the lack of active and enough skilled members to fulfill the purpose of the wing. The second reason is that the wing was kinda making a gap between the members in the clan, which was sort of a bad thing. That´s why we maybe won´t revive the project ever again.

Thanks for reading.

Category: Clan news | Views: 595 | Added by: Alucard | Date: 2014-03-14 | Comments (2)

Finally we have some good news to announce again. Today two new faces joined our ranks. Let's welcome coco and Slayer to EVIL. Congratz to both of you.
Category: Clan news | Views: 425 | Added by: TAN | Date: 2014-03-02 | Comments (0)

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